Human Resources Department


The Human Resources Department is the guarantor of the values of dignity, impartiality, probity, neutrality and secularity which form the basis of the fundamental values of the civil service.
As a bearer of ethical principles and deontology, it is a promoter of human capital and its development.
It is dedicated to implementing human resources policy based on :

  • the relevance of organisations
  • talent scouting
  • promotion of skills
  • quality of life at work
  • the performance of administrative and financial management processes


Director of Human Resources :
Delphine PEZZO

The main tasks of the HRD are divided into 4 areas:

Personnel Management Division

  • Administrative and financial management of administrative and teaching staff
    (contractual and permanent)

Health and Quality of Life at Work Division

  • Preventive medicine
  • Disability
  • Social Action
  • Harassment, discrimination, malaise
  • Sexual and gender-based violence
  • Mediation for conflict resolution
  • Resource person: LGBTQIA+, autism and neuro-atypia, mental health, addictions

Jobs and Skills Planning Unit (GPEC)

  • Professional training for staff
  • Organisation and monitoring of competitive examinations and recruitment of administrative and teaching staff
  • Professional interview
  • Internal mobility campaign
  • Professional development advice

Steering Committee

  • Social balance sheet
  • Pay coordination
  • Management of the CSA bodies, FS SSCT, social dialogue
  • Professional elections
  • HRIS Coordinator
  • HR management control: studies and analyses / job monitoring


Hannah Arendt Campus
Mailbox n°4
74 rue Louis Pasteur
84029 Avignon cedex 1

+33 (0)4 90 16 25 50



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