The laboratories

Research structures

The University's scientific policy is organised around two strong identity axes: "Agro&Sciences" and "Culture, Heritage, Digital Societies".

The research, developed in the Humanities and Social Sciences laboratories as well as in the Sciences and Agrosciences laboratories, is carried out within the framework of research units, the vast majority of which are multi-site and multi-authority units shared with other universities and research organisations: 8 Joint Research Units (UMR), 2 Support and Research Units (UAR), 6 Own Research Units (UPR) and an Own Research and Innovation Unit (UPRI) composed of 3 Thematic Research and Innovation Teams (ERIT).

A synergy of skills and resources deployed within the framework of institutional strategies shared with these partners allows the implementation, around each of the two axes, of a real "intelligent specialisation" boosted by a Federative Research Structure and a Research Federation:

The SFR 4240 TERSYS for "Agro&Sciences
The FR CNRS 3621 Agorantic for "Culture, Heritage and Digital Societies

These structures make it possible to respond to the major societal challenges set out not only in the Regional Plan for Higher Education, Research and Innovation of the PACA Region, but also in the National Research Strategy.