Studying in Vaucluse is the right choice!

Because adopting the University of Avignon means benefiting from a quality education in a human-sized establishment. The Department of Vaucluse considers that it is essential to guarantee you optimal and equitable study conditions, to facilitate your student life, to give you access to culture and sport and to accompany you when you enter working life.

A young department on the move

With a young and dynamic population, the Vaucluse has one of the highest rates of demographic growth in France. Nearly 25% of Vaucluse residents are under 16 years old.
The Department has brought together all its partners to create the conditions for a sustainable Vaucluse. The aim is to support the economic development that is essential to provide employment for a larger population, to increase the fluidity of transport and the openness of our department while restoring the quality and balance of urban, natural and agricultural areas.

Enter the economic world

CréoVaucluse, a network of skills for your business creation or takeover project. After your studies, you wish to create or take over a company, the Créo network and its members will accompany you.
This network brings together nearly 30 structures (employment basin committees, France Initiative platforms, support structures and other associations) made up of professionals involved in supporting the creation-takeover and development of businesses throughout the department.

In Vaucluse, more than 25,000 companies are developing and creating jobs. Sectors such as logistics, research and tourism are at the forefront. The three competitiveness clusters, the "fruit and vegetable" innovation cluster, the Trimatec nuclear cluster and the Cadarache renewable energy cluster are priorities. At the same time, the agricultural and agri-food sectors, which are based on a strong tradition, are constantly innovating.

Taste the concentrate of Provence

The Vaucluse is a marvellous territory where natural, cultural and human riches are mixed. An attractive and dynamic department: rich heritage, cultural life and festivals, local festivals and local produce, outdoor sports and cycling paradise. An area where life is good and where you feel good!

A Departmental Sports Centre open to all

The Vaucluse has 140,000 members and 430 sports associations or clubs in 65 committees. The Maison Départementale des Sports supports the development of sport throughout the region, facilitates exchanges between the department's sports committees and improves the range of sports on offer in Vaucluse. It contributes to the cohesion of the entire Vaucluse sports community.

4725 Charles de Gaulle ring road
Tel. +33 (0)4 26 03 17 25
Do you have a professional project in mind?

If you are between 18 and 25 years old, the Department can provide you with financial and technical assistance and support for your project to create a professional activity through the "J'Crée Mon Job" scheme.

Youth and Urban Policy Department of the Departmental Council
Tel. +33 (0)4 90 16 19 10
Move around freely!

What if you took the bus to go to university? TransVaucluse, the Department's network, allows you to save money and to travel with complete peace of mind.
The price of the monthly subscription for regular journeys varies from €24 to €31.50. For your occasional trips, it's €2 per trip maximum! On some lines, it is possible to carry your bike on the bus.

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Be well...

The Family Planning and Education Centres welcome you for help concerning your life as a couple and your family life: gynaecological consultations, prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections, AIDS, hepatitis C, Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVP)... Consultations and interviews are free of charge and confidentiality is observed for all.

At the Maison de l'autonomie, the Department informs you by centralising all the assistance and information to improve the daily life of disabled people.

Avignon - Reception platform
"Grand Avignon and Comtat
22, boulevard Saint-Michel
Tel. 0 800 800 579 (Freephone number - free call)
The Department helps you with your studies

Students under the age of 26, living in the Vaucluse, the Department can grant you financial aid, subject to resources. Follow the guide!

From the Vaucluse...

The departmental grant is intended for holders of a state grant who are pursuing their studies as part of a traditional unpaid school programme. Applications can be downloaded from and are available at town halls and at the reception of the Conseil départemental.

The honorary loan 1,600, interest-free, can be granted for the entire university course and is repayable at the end of the course. the end of the world!

Support for student mobility abroad is intended for students selected by their university of enrolment to pursue their studies abroad. This must be part of an agreed inter-university exchange programme, lasting at least two months for an internship and four months for a stay.

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