Form to submit an internship/job ad

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your internship/job offers are forwarded to Service d'Accompagnement à la Formation, l'Insertion, la Réussite et l'Entrepreneuriat (SAFIRE) of the University of Avignon, which will distribute it to the courses concerned.
Please send your offer to the following e-mail address :
You can also send your offers directly to the pedagogical secretariats of the courses, whose contact details can be found on the corresponding training sheets.

Please send your ad with all the following details

  • Type of offer
  • Job title
  • Date of publication
  • Place of practice
  • Name and type of company
  • Company details
  • Description of the offer
  • Field of training / profile / skills
  • Desired level
  • Language(s) and level(s) required
  • Gratuity or salary
  • First name/Last name Contact and function of the contact
  • How to apply
  • Further information
  • Announcement to download: