Research Partners

The scientific policy of the Université d'Avignon is based on the development of academic and socio-economic partnerships, in particular with INRAE and CNRS in the Agro&Sciences field and with CNRS and EHESS in the Culture, Heritage and Digital Societies field. On 1 February 2015, these institutional partnerships led to the signing of a framework agreement between the Université d'Avignon, CNRS, INRAE and EHESS, which commits the co-signatories to the priorities of the Université d'Avignon's scientific project.

The Université d'Avignon is also involved, at the highest level, in various structures at the interface between research, education and industry: It sits on the boards of the SATT Sud-Est, the national 'Belle de Mai' thematic incubator, the regional 'Impulse' incubator, the 'Creativa' business incubator, the 'Innov-Alliance' competitiveness cluster, the 'Cultural and Heritage Industries' cluster, the PRIMI cluster (creative industries and digital creation) and the ADEV development agency (Vaucluse economic development).

This active partnership policy has contributed to the dynamism of industrial partnerships, which have developed strongly in recent years and are one of the institution's priorities for the coming years.

Partnerships on the Culture, Heritage, Digital Societies

Ecosystem Culture Heritage Digital Societies Scheme
Agro&Sciences partnerships
Schema Ecosysteme Agro&Sciences