Avignon University invites you to discover active personalities in university research.
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Portrait of September 2023

Florence Bistagne - Senior Lecturer HDR - Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Portrait of June 2023

Portrait of May 2023

Tiffany Antoine - Nutrition Research and Innovation Officer (IGBALANCE - LAPEC)

Portrait of April 2023

8 March 2023 - Four women's portraits to discover

On the occasion of the international women's rights day on 8 marchWe are pleased to present four new portraits of women who contribute to the life of research at the university.

Portrait of February 2023

Portrait January 2023

Portrait of December 2022

Portrait of November 2022

Portrait of October 2022

Portrait of September 2022

Portrait of June 2022

Portrait of May 2022

Portrait of April 2022

8 March 2022 - International Women's Rights Day

For the 3rd consecutive year, on the occasion of international women's rights day on 8 marchWe invite you to discover four new portraits of women who work daily for research at Avignon University.

Portrait of February 2022

Portrait of January 2022

Portrait of December 2021

Portrait of November 2021

Portrait of October 2021

Portrait of September 2021

Portrait of June 2021

Portrait of May 2021

Portrait of April 2021

8 March 2021 - International Women's Rights Day

On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day from 8 March 2021We wanted to highlight the portraits of 4 personalities who work on a daily basis to support research at Avignon University.
Their areas of expertise are varied: they range from finance to biology to information systems administration.

Portrait of February 2021

Portrait of JANUARY 2021

Portrait of DECEmbre 2020

November 2020 portrait

Portrait of October 2020

Portrait of September 2020

June 2020 portrait

Portrait of May 2020

Philippe Martin

Portrait of April 2020

8 March 2020 - Discover four portraits of women researchers

On the occasion of the 8th of March, International Women's Rights Day, Avignon University honours four portraits of women researchers, passionate women with varied research activities.

Louise ChassouantNatalie PetiteauAnne-Sylvie Fabiano-Tixier

February 2020 portrait

Benjamin Landais MCF in modern history

Portrait of JANUARY 2020

Portrait of DECEmber 2019

Elise Buisson

November 2019 portrait

Mathieu Feryn portrait

October 2019 portrait

Naomi Mazzilli

September 2019 portrait

June 2019 portrait

Portrait of May 2019

Portrait of April 2019

Guillaume WALTHER

Discover four portraits of women researchers, on the occasion of 8 March 2019