Who can be a candidate?

If you are planning to study abroad, contact the international referent teacher of your field of study. The minimum level of study varies from one programme to another: in general, a validated Bac +1 for a departure in Europe and Bac +2 for a departure further afield. The Université d'Avignon does not send failed students abroad, even if they have been selected beforehand. In principle, students applying for a period of study abroad must have passed their year or semester.

If you are not yet registered at the University of Avignon and are considering studying abroad as part of your course at the University of Avignon, please note that it is not possible to leave during the first semester of registration and that this is reserved for the second semester.

The application file

If you want to go abroad for a period of study, here are the steps to follow:

  • In the context of an application for a departure outside EuropeThe application is made online via the following form: Application for study mobility outside Europe. A commission for the allocation of places will be organised at the SRI which will communicate the results to the students by e-mail.
  • As part of an application for a move to Europe (Eramsus programme)The teacher in charge of international relations for each course selects the students. He/she then communicates the list of selected students to the SRI.
  • The SRI contacts students to fill in the online "Exchange Study Mobility" form.

NB: The award of a mobility grant is not systematic. Even if you are awarded a grant, it will not be paid until after your departure.

Language level

You must have a sufficient command of the language of instruction of the chosen host institution to be able to follow the courses and take the corresponding examinations.

Places are not reserved only for students with an excellent language level. The language requirement varies from one discipline to another (e.g. the requirements are lower in Science than in Literature or Law).

For some destinations (e.g. Scandinavian countries, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, even Germany), a good command of English is sufficient. These are destinations where it is possible to take courses in English and at the same time become familiar with the language of the country.
You can self-assess your language level using the CEFRL grid.

Some useful sites for self-assessment and language learning:

Tests and examinations

Some UK universities require a minimum score in an English language test in order to participate in exchange programmes.

You can pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System, minimum 6 overall band score) or the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language, minimum 80 points in iBT). Due to processing times, you must take these tests at least 1 month before the application deadline. The result of the test must be available on the day you submit your application to the SRI.