Erasmus education and training

Erasmus+ education and training mobility

All administrative, teaching and technical staff have the possibility of going on mobility to teach or train in a partner university. Avignon University, in the same way, receives incoming teaching and training mobility. The department or teacher who hosts these staff members proposes a work/teaching plan and ensures the reception of these staff members throughout their stay.

Recognition of education and training mobility under Erasmus

The mobility of administrative and technical staff is mentioned in the annual Individual Professional Interview (IPI). When the staff member submits a promotion file (promotion table, aptitude list), these elements are included. Training mobility is included in the summary of career paths and recognised in the list of training courses followed by the employee.
For teaching staff, they can mention mobility in their promotion files.

Mobility can take place in a partner university or company located in a country that is part of the Erasmus programme: European Union member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. 

Training mobility
This is mobility for training purposes by all staff members of Avignon University to a higher education institution or to a company.

The choice of Avignon University staff is made on the basis of a work plan proposed by the candidate and accepted by the host structures and by Avignon University. You should therefore obtain prior approval from your hierarchy. This work plan should specify the general and specific objectives, the expected training and learning outcomes, the activities to be carried out and the programme for the period.

Documents to prepare before your departure:

  • training mobility contract
  • application for leave of absence abroad
Minimum duration: 2 days training (+ 1 or 2 days travel).

On your return, you must provide a certificate of attendance and the final report of the mobility within one month.  

Teaching mobility
The aim of this mobility is to share one's subject matter and know-how by visiting a partner institution. The teaching assignments will be based on a short teaching programme proposed by the candidate and accepted by the host structure and by Avignon University.

A teaching contract, including a teaching programme, must be concluded for each assignment, even if several teaching assignments are carried out at the same institution.

Documents to prepare before your departure:

  • teaching contract
  • application for leave of absence abroad
Minimum teaching time: 8 hours per week of mobility.

Minimum duration of mobility: 2 days (+ 1 or 2 days of travel).

On your return, you must provide a certificate of attendance and the final report of the mobility within one month. 


Accommodation costs

For staff mobility, the Erasmus+ programme divides the programme countries into 3 categories according to the level of the cost of living:

Costs related to travel days

The beneficiary may decide to count an extra day for travel on the day before the first day of activity abroad and/or on the day after the last day of activity abroad, this/these day(s) is/are added to the duration of the mobility period and is/are also taken into account for the calculation of the subsistence costs.

Travel costs

The contribution to travel expenses covers the outward and return journeys to the place of stay. It is calculated on the basis of the distance travelled according to the kilometre bands and amounts indicated in the table below. Please note: only the outward journey must be taken into account in determining the distance and the rate.

For example, a member of staff of Avignon University going on a mission to Prague (Avignon-Prague "one way" distance of 997.13 km) will receive €275 for his travel expenses. A distance calculation tool has been developed by the European Commission: 

Useful links
For more information on the Erasmus+ programme: Erasmus+ France / Education Training Agency
Avignon University holds the ERASMUS University Charter 2021-2027issued by the European Commission. 
For further information or to propose a future Erasmus+ mobility, please contact International Relations Department of Avignon University.