Validation of prior learning

It is based on two regulatory and complementary systems:
  • VAPP - Validation of Professional and Personal Experience (Exemption scheme)

Established by the decree n°85-906 of 23/08/1985It provides a route to training without the required level. This scheme is based on your professional experience and your achievements outside the education system which are linked to the training you are planning.

Don't hesitate to contact the Prior Learning Assessment Unit for any information or advice you may require:

  • VAE - Validation of Acquired Experience (Certification system)

Legitimised by the social modernisation law of 2002 and modified by article 78 of law n°2016-1088 of 8 August 2016. Its objective is to enable the total or partial acquisition of a diploma registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications through the recognition of acquired experience and the demonstration of the skills developed.

Prerequisites: provide proof of at least one year's continuous or discontinuous activity in the diploma in question.

How to start a VAE procedure at Avignon University?

The requirements of the approach: rigour, autonomy, writing skills and respect for academic standards.

  •  I am informed

The VAE unit informs and advises you on the VAE system. You can make an appointment at

  • I choose my diploma to validate

This step is essential. You can consult the training offer by clicking on


  • I make my application for admissibility - the booklet I

The application is made from March to the beginning of May of the current year. It should be sent by e-mail to

  • I am registering for VAE

Registration takes place after receipt of the notification of eligibility, from March to June of the current year. At the same time as you register for the VAE, you must also register for the diploma in question.

  •  I prepare my validation by writing my booklet II

The reaction of the booklet II takes place from September of the current year to April of the year N+1. It is possible to be accompanied in writing the booklet. This 12-hour support is optional.


  • I deposit my booklet II

It is sent by e-mail to in May N+1.

  • I go before the VAE jury

The VAE oral takes place in person, in June and July. At the end of this oral, the validation can be total, partial or not obtained.

  • I am responding to the satisfaction survey.

It will be sent to you by email.

All the information concerning the stages of your VAE process can be consulted by clicking on the candidate's guide.

For any request concerning the doctorate, please contact the VAE unit at

  Key figures

Registered persons
(2021-2022) : 24
People supported (2021-2022): 18
Overall success rate :
(2021-2022) : 72 %
Most popular degrees (2021-2022) :
Professional degree in training engineering, consulting and facilitation :
Success rate: 88 %
Licence professionnelle management of the security of goods and people:
Success rate: 67%
Partial validation: 33 %
Master's degree in social policy
Success rate: 100 %
Satisfaction rate: 75 %

Careers and further study: you can continue your studies at university.

Disability Relay

Training accessible to people with disabilities.
Please contact the Relais Handicap :
The LFVS has a disability advisor:
04 32 74 32 20

 Educational costs

Deposit fee for Livret I: €150* (for admissibility review)
VAE registration fee: €750*.
VLE support costs (optional): €800*.


  2024-2025 bids

The VAE application platform for the 2024-2025 academic year is open from 04/03/2024 to 03/05/2024 : registration link


Mélanie Bergia
Tel. +33 (0)4 32 74 32 23

Important documents and links

Once you have registered, you will be asked to use
the Digital Working Environment (DWE).
Find out how to use it:

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