Campus Life

To include the University in its territory as a place of life is one of the development challenges of the University of Avignon.

Associations, cultural, sporting and scientific activities, cross-disciplinary projects, partnerships with local socio-economic players and the creation of places of cohesion constitute the bond that allows a sense of belonging to emerge and a common culture to be created within the school.

The University wishes to play a role in supporting the emergence and development of talent, with two objectives: to live on campus sustainably and to network the university community.

To enable students to live and enjoy their campus to the full, the university is developing a policy of supporting projects. More than 600 events are hosted each year on the two campuses (Hannah Arendt and Jean-Henri Fabre) and give rhythm to the life of the university community.

This dynamic is also made possible by the 40 student associations, major players in campus life.

In 2016, the University of Avignon also set up a Campus Life Office, attached to the House of Culture and Campus Life. This structure is presented as a place for exchanges and the realisation of common projects intended to improve life on campus.

Finally, the Campus CityThis project, jointly supported by the University of Avignon and the CROUS Aix-Marseille-Avignon, allows the actions and services offered to students to be amplified by developing three essential axes for the development of students and campus life: information (Campus Info), well-being and health (Wellness Campus) and eco-citizenship (Eco Campus).