Studying abroad

Candidacy campaign

The applications are organised in two stages: firstly the campaign outside Europe (between November and December), then the Europe campaign (between January and February).

Attention If a place is allocated to you during the non-European campaign, you will not be able to apply for the European campaign. However, a student who is not selected during the non-European campaign may apply for the European campaign.

We remind you that you must contact the international relations teacher for your course beforehand. The list is available here : International Relations Referents

2023/2024 timetable (mobility starting in 2024/2025) :

  • Campaign outside Europe: application deadline Friday 8 December 2023
  • Europe campaign: application deadline early February 2024 (date to be specified)

How to apply? Log on to the International Mobility Portal. You will find all the forms you need for your mobility project: application form, grant application form, etc...

Where can I go?

The Mobility Map allows you to see the different partners with whom Avignon University has an agreement, whether it be in the framework of bilateral agreements, the BCI programme or the Erasmus programme.
*By selecting your field of study in the "Department" section, you will know which destinations are open to your training.

Principle of exchange :

Our exchange programmes (ERASMUS+ for European destinations and bilateral agreements for destinations outside Europe) allow you to carry out this project thanks to our network of partner establishments throughout the world.
Recognition of mobility :
The study agreement (Erasmus Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ mobility and Learning Agreement Outside Europe for the others) is the central document for the recognition of a study period abroad. It is established on a full-time basis (30 ECTS credits for a semester and 60 ECTS credits for a full year). The results obtained abroad are transmitted by the host university and validated by the jury of the course in which the student is registered at Avignon University. Validated study mobilities are automatically recognised and mentioned on the students' transcripts, via the entry of semester equivalences mentioning "Exchange with a foreign country" accompanied by the name and country of the institution where the mobility took place.

More information:

Maison de l'International (MDI)International Relations Department (SRI)
74 rue Louis Pasteur
84029 Avignon cedex 1
Use the Erasmus+ mobile application!

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