Organising an event

Organising an event at Avignon University means mobilising a public scientific and professional establishment (EPCSP) and its entire university community.

An event at Avignon University, whether it is scientific, cultural or simply concerns campus life, must be thought out in time so as to be able to concern all the services involved, but also in relation to the other events taking place.

The shuttle sheet

The shuttle form is an essential tool for programming, implementation, planning, safety and communication between the various departments involved. The earlier the shuttle form is filled out in relation to the event, the better the university will be able to promote it in its programming.
Thus, the university calendar must be able to be thought through from one semester to the next. However, in order to organise an event at the university, it is not enough to complete a shuttle form before the others. The scientific, cultural, media and economic criteria that are the basis of university promotion are taken into account when granting authorisation, establishing the conditions for the event, communication, fees and, more generally, an agreement.

Colloquia organised by Avignon University laboratories are, as far as possible, given priority over other types of events.

Finally, Avignon University is committed to a sustainable development approach and hopes that project leaders and participants will be aware of this approach and, as far as possible, implement it in their events.

Other services can help you to improve the reception of your event: the Maurice Agulhon University Librarythe Pôle Sportif & de Recherche, the CROUS.

Documents to download