Consultations with a psychologist

Free consultations open to Avignon University students are available from Tuesday to Friday on campus.
As a student, you can also take advantage of the national Santé Psy Etudiant scheme and choose a psychologist who will work with you free of charge for 8 sessions, with no advance payment required. 


Schedule of meetings :

  • Tuesday - 9am/12pm - 1pm/16pm - Sports centre (Hannah Arendt campus)
  • Wednesday - 9am/12pm - 1pm/16pm - Espace sanitaire et social (Jean-Henri Fabre campus, CERI building)
  • Thursday 9am/12pm - Espace sanitaire et social (Jean-Henri Fabre campus, CERI building)
  • Friday - 9am/12pm - Sports centre (Hannah Arendt campus)

Free and confidential sessions
Sessions for students only
On both campuses

To make an appointment

>> By the platform

Go to the dedicated website to select a time and place for the meeting:

To select, choose :
1/ Which Crous? Crous Aix-Marseille-Avignon
2/ Which city? Avignon
3/ What subject? Psychologist

>> By mail
make an appointment on the Hannah Arendt campus:
make an appointment on the Jean-Henri Fabre campus:

or directly at the offices.

Santé Psy Etudiant / consultations with a psychologist everywhere in France

The government will pay for 8 sessions with a psychologist as part of a care pathway, with no advance payment.


Benefit from consultations in just 3 steps:
1/ Your general practitioner or your University Health Service will refer you to psychological support.
2/ You choose the professional who will accompany you from the list of partner psychologists.
3/ You make an appointment with your psychologist, who will monitor you for 8 sessions if necessary.

>> More information: