Avignon University

Researchers continue work on FR-Alert, the new smartphone-based public alert system

18 June

[Inauguration] Avignon University inaugurates the GeEAUde partnership chair on 31 May 2024

18 June

Annual day of the UMT IQUAR, Unité Mixte Technologique "Innovating to improve the post-harvest quality of fresh fruit and vegetables" - 4 June 2024

07 June

Third doctorate ceremony for Avignon University

07 June

[Research project] The FINALITY project is the winner of the Doctoral Network of the MariE Skłodowska-Curie programme (Horizon Europe)

26 April

[Thesis defense] 02/05/2024 - Dalia Youssef : "The brand and the durability of a festival: a comparative study between the Alexandria Short Film Festival in Egypt and the Avignon Festival in France." (UMR ESPACE-DEV)

17 April

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