French as a Second Language

Capacity for the first half of 2023-2024: 2 groups of 25 students
Capacity for the second semester of 2023-2024: 1 group of 25 students. Closed from 7 March
Possible pre-requisites: Master the French language orally. Students should have no difficulties in oral comprehension and production. The emphasis will be on written French.

This UEO is reserved for foreign students who have a good knowledge of spoken French, because it is practised in their country of origin, but who are less proficient in written French.

Students must register for this UEO online on their Digital Working Environment (ENT) or with their pedagogical secretary

Objective and content :

- understand a topic (identify key words),
- master the basics of written French and the grammatical and spelling rules needed to write the academic papers required at university (verb/subject agreement, adjective/noun agreement, simple and simple compound sentences (simple and compound relative pronouns, conjugations (tenses and modes)).
- know how to write a piece of writing required in the context of their studies,
- Knowing the standards required when presenting an assignment, a report, a presentation...
- know how to write an academic paper in a structured way (introduction, structured plan, conclusion),
- master the structures needed to highlight an argument (argumentative connectors, argumentative structure, etc.).

The emphasis is on written expression. Teaching will be based on real-life situations that students will encounter during their course.

  • Registration 1st semester : from 11.09.23 to 29.09.23
  • Course timetable :

- Group 1 site H. Arendt (city centre) - Code T-U11-9223 with Christel MAYE: Wednesdays from 5.30pm to 7pm in room 0E31
- Group 2 site JH Fabre (Agroparc) - Code T-U11-9225 with Patricia Mercoiret: Tuesdays from 2.30 to 4pm in room A023 V

  • Start of the course The week of 18 September 2023 up to and including the week of 11 December 2023.
  • Registration 2nd semester From 29 January to 16 February 2024
  • Course timetable :
    - One group - Site H. Arendt (city centre) - Code T-U11-9224 with Ms Christel MAYE, Thursdays from 5.30 to 7pm in room 1W03 WEU closed for lack of staff from 7 March
  • Start of the course From the week of 5 February 2024 to and including the week of 13 May 2024. WEU closed for lack of staff from 7 March