One of the oldest universities in France

A long time ago, somewhere in Provence... In 1303, Pope Boniface VIII founded a university in Avignon, only a few months after the one in Rome and more than a century before the one in Aix. Soon, other popes came to live in the city, and students flocked to learn law.

Suppressed like everywhere else during the Revolution, higher education was reborn in Avignon in 1964, before becoming a real university in 1984.

Today, its two campuses, Hannah Arendt and Jean-Henri FabreThese are proof that the AgES and CPSN institutes are the cornerstones of a credible future for Provence, for its young people and for living together.

The centuries-old history of our University has led to active, recognised research and solid, appropriate training, with the aim of forging talent, supporting graduates and launching nuggets.

Two campuses and two institutes with their own training programmes and a shared ambition

Avignon University is organised into two institutes located on two campuses:

The Agrosciences, Environment and Health Institute comprises 6 Teaching and Research Centres (CER)

  • CER Law
  • CER Sciences Sociales, Sciences politique, économiques et de gestion
  • CER Histoire
  • CER Culture et Communication
  • CER Géographie et Aménagement
  • CER Langues Étrangères Appliquées (LEA)

The Culture, Heritage and Digital Societies Institute (CPSN) comprises 8 Teaching and Research Centres (CER)

  • CER History (Coordinator: Benjamin LANDAIS)
  • CER Geography and planning: (Leader: Guilhem BOULAY)
  • CER Culture and Communication (CC): (Leader: Yannick HASCOET)
  • CER ETICC (Intercultural Studies and Creation): (Manager: Florence BELINGARD)
  • CER Théâtre, Littérature(s), Langue(s) (TLL): (Leader: Marianne BEAUVICHE)
  • CER Droit: (Manager: Bérengère GLEIZE-PERROUTY)
  • CER Social Sciences. Political, economic and management sciences (Coordinator: Ouassim HAMZAOUI)
  • CER Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) (Coordinator: Xavier CALMETTES)

The Hannah Arendt CampusThe centre is located in the former Sainte-Marthe hospital in the heart of the city:

The Jean-Henri Fabre CampusThis project, located on the Agroparc technology park, brings together :

  • The Institute for Agrosciences, Environment and Health
  • The Centre d'enseignement et de recherche en informatique (CERI)
  • The University Institute of Technology (IUT)
  • The Agroparc Library