instructions for use

The UEO (unité d'enseignement d'ouverture) is a cross-disciplinary course that contributes to the Bachelor's degree.

A WEU earns 2 credits per semester, i.e. a total of 12 ECTS credits, essential for validation of the bachelor's degree.

Open teaching units (UEO) help to individualise university courses. They enable :

-an openness to other disciplines and fields (science, environment, digital, education, citizenship, entrepreneurship, etc.),

the acquisition of cross-disciplinary skills (taking part in a cultural or sporting activity, carrying out an individual or group project, etc.),

-developing language skills (discovering or reinforcing a language)

-or an introduction to skills leading to professional integration (internship).

They are offered by the university's various departments and UFRs, and are open to all undergraduate students, unless specific pre-requisites are indicated in the UEO catalogue.

Each semester, undergraduate students are required to choose one UEO in order to validate a total of 6 UEOs over the 6 semesters of the degree.




Students are free to choose a UEO according to their interests, their course of study and their career plans.

Before registering, however, you must :


You will find all the information you need in the detailed description of each UEO. While most of the WEUs offered are cross-curricular, i.e. accessible to all students, whatever their course of study, some WEUs are reserved for specific courses or levels of study, due to specific prerequisites.

For example, for the language WEU, a placement test must be taken before pre-registration in the level adapted to your skills:


The online timetable for each WEU (excluding special formats) can be consulted here:

The specific timetables for the Culture and Sport WEUs are also available at the beginning of the semester (see the "Culture" and "Sport" sections). WEU Culture "and " WEU Sport ").

If, despite all the precautions you have taken, you are unable to attend the UEO in which you have enrolled, remember to withdraw your enrolment or to request your withdrawal from your teaching secretariat as soon as possible.

Registration is done online via the digital working environment (ENT):



A detailed step-by-step guide to the UEO registration procedure for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year is now available. HERE (also available on your ENT).


  • Click twice on " Administration " to access the " Teaching and examinations " of your student administrative space, then click on the Open EU and sports and cultural activities ".

  • Then click on the UEO EDUCATIONAL ENROLMENT" then on the first line " OPENING COURSE 1 OF YOUR CHOICE Click on the "OPENING EU 2 CHOICE" button (or on the second line "OPENING EU 2 CHOICE" to select a second OEU) and select the desired OEU from the OEU offer summary table that appears.

  • Confirm your choice of UEO by clicking on the " " button. ACCEPT" button, then on the TRANSMIT "Then press the ACCEPT "This will ensure that your choice of WEU is taken into account.


Some WEUs require prior consultation with the WEU course leader in order to check that you do indeed meet the conditions required to follow this course or that there are enough places available if the course is reserved as a priority for certain courses. You will not be able to register from the ENT (capacity indicated at 0).

It is therefore necessary to contact the WEU coordinator by e-mail to inform him/her of your registration request. The WEUs for which you must register with the course leader are indicated in the WEU catalogue, together with the email address of the course leader.

Registration for UEO Sport and Culture: 2 stages 

=> If you choose a Sport WEU :

  • Stage 1 - From the " UEO EDUCATIONAL ENROLMENT" select the line " UEO SUAPS : SPORT SEMESTER ... "In the WEU offer table.
  • Step 2 - From the " UEO SPORTS ACTIVITY" Choose the sport you want from the drop-down menu, then select the time slot that suits your schedule.

=> If you choose a Culture WEU :

  • Stage 1 - From the " UEO EDUCATIONAL ENROLMENT" select the line " UEO CULTURAL ACTIVITY S... "In the WEU offer table.
  • Step 2 - From the " UEO CULTURAL ACTIVITY" Choose the cultural activity you want from the drop-down menu, then select the time slot that best suits your schedule.


  • Choose your sporting or cultural activity carefully (step 2). Once selected, your activity will be mentioned on your educational registration form along with the time slot for the chosen activity. If you fail to do so, your enrolment for a Sport or Culture WEU will not be taken into account.
  • You should also select this sporting or cultural activity in the framework of WEU and not for personal training which does not lead to the award of ECTS credits.

If your timetable changes or if you change your mind, and you can no longer or no longer wish to follow a WEU, it is imperative that you unsubscribe as soon as possible. This will prevent this UEO from appearing as "not obtained" on your transcript at the end of the semester. It will also free up a place so that another student can take this course.

You can unsubscribe directly via your ENT from your Student administrative area => Teaching and examinations => Open courses and sports and cultural activities by simply unchecking this UEO (+ validate/transmit/validate). You can cancel your registration up until the registration closing date and as long as it has not been validated by your teaching secretariat.

If you no longer have control over your UEO enrolment, you will need to ask your pedagogical secretariat to change your choice of UEO.

Please note that after two absences from a UEO, it will generally no longer be possible to validate it, hence the importance of choosing the right UEO at the beginning of the course.

In the event of difficulty in registering for a teaching unit (as with any other EU), your contact remains the pedagogical secretariat for your course.

If you have any questions about the content and organisation of a WEU (or sometimes also for registration when this is indicated on the UEO form)your contact is WEU Education Manager whose contact details can be found in the WEU catalogue.

Welcoming each of the WEU-carrying departments (Maison de l'international, Maison de la culture et de la vie de campus, SAFIRE and SUAPS) is also available to provide you with information on its WEU offer.

Whichever WEU is chosen, its validation and the awarding of the corresponding credits are conditional upon a active and regular participation and theacquisition of identified skillsThis is in accordance with the evaluation procedures approved by the Training and University Life Committee at the end of September (at download here) and specified at the beginning of the lessons.

A maximum of two UEOs per semester may be validated.  However, only one UEO Sport and one UEO Culture per semester may be validated.


Registration opens for UEO: 11 September 2023

Start of WEU courses: 18 September 2023

Deadline for enrolment: 29 September 2023


Registration opens for UEO: 29 January 2024

Start of WEU courses: 5 February 2024

Registration deadline: 16 February 2024

The OEUs are included in the syllabuses for the university's preparatory courses for higher education: TREMPLIN Sciences and TREMPLIN Humanities and Social Sciences.

Remedial teaching units (UER) designed to help students succeed in their degree course are also offered to L1 students on the ALLURE pathway. These courses are defined after consultation with the Director of Studies when the student success contract (CPRE) is drawn up. In addition to their UER(s), ALLURE students may choose one UEO per semester.

From the start of the 2023 academic year, the UERs will be open to all L1 students (ALLURE or classic pathway), after consultation with their Director of Studies. Consult your teaching secretariat for specific enrolment procedures for your course.

  • OEUs generally take place over 12 sessions of 1.5 hours each, representing a total of 18 hours. However, some OEUs may have a special format with sessions of 2 or 3 hours, or sessions grouped together over 2 or 3 days outside teaching periods (Master class cinema - Master class artistic process, Equality, gender: prevention and management of violence) or at the student's convenience (AU Ambassadors, AFEV Commitment, Volunteer internship). Still others are delivered remotely via online exercises (Preparation for PIX 1 and 2, ECRI+ levels 1 and 2).
  • In principle, it is not possible to validate the same UEO twice during a degree course.
  • For students who are required to spend a long period abroad as part of their course (ERASMUS mobility, end-of-studies placement in LEA, etc.), it is important to anticipate the validation of two UEOs in the same semester in order to obtain the bachelor's degree (and the 12 UEO credits required).
  • Most WEUs are open to staff, Masters and PhD students, subject to availability. Depending on the course, Master's students may be entitled to a bonus for taking part in a WEU.