Health & social services

Do you need advice or a recommendation?
Don't be left alone with a question, a doubt, a concern...
Come and meet a medical or paramedical professional. A number of services dedicated to health, social care and well-being support you throughout the year, both on campus and in Avignon.

The student health service (SSE)

A multidisciplinary team (doctor, nurse, psychologists) is responsible for ensuring students' medical protection and organising information, awareness, prevention and health promotion campaigns.
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Consultations reserved for students are offered free of charge and are confidential.

CROUS social workers

The CROUS social service is available to students on both campuses.
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The Relais Handicap

The Relais Handicap is in charge of accompanying, guiding and advising students with a temporary or permanent disability.

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Food aid and counselling centres outside universities

Many places dedicated to prevention, food aid, health, etc. are open to students.


Students are encouraged to check their university e-mail regularly: medical appointments and information about prevention campaigns are sent by e-mail.