Les Éditions Universitaires d'Avignon

Éditions Universitaires d'Avignon (EUA) was founded in 2008 and now has almost one hundred titles in its catalogue. They reflect the vitality and diversity of research at Avignon University. They help to disseminate knowledge by strengthening the links between the university and the city.

As part of a dynamic process of diversification, the EUA runs a Research Notebook and is opening up to digital publishing. They are a key player in the sharing of culture and knowledge in the Avignon area and beyond.

The catalogue is structured around four collections and a "Journals" section:

Viewing RoomThe "Leçons de l'université", given by directors programmed at the Festival d'Avignon, and the "Grandes conférences" of the university;

In-GamesThis is the first time that the University of Avignon has published a book on the subject, which bears witness to the research being carried out at the University of Avignon, through monographs and, above all, collective works;

Passion for heritageThis is the first of its kind in the world, presenting up-to-date summaries of local and regional heritage for a wide audience;

MidiSciencesThis is an enriched follow-up to the popularisation of scientific culture programmed at Avignon University.

Culture & Museumspublishes groundbreaking research on cultural audiences, institutions and mediation.

EUA books are available on OpenEdition Books: free reading on screen and digital book sales.

Find out more and follow the news from the EUA:

EUA research notebook : eua.hypotheses.org


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