Etudiants en échange / Incoming exchange students

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Have you been selected by your home institution to study at our university as an exchange student?

The staff of the International Relations Department (SRI) welcomes you to Avignon.

Once you have been appointed as an exchange student by your home university, you need to register online using a form. The 2023/2024 form will be available soon.

Below you will find information about your stay and the documents to download.

The reservation form for accommodation in a CROUS residence will be sent to you by the SRI staff after your registration.

Learning Agreement
If you are moving under the Erasmus+ programmeIf you are a student, we invite you to log on to the OLA to complete the Online Learning Agreement:
If you come under a bilateral agreement (university outside Europe)please complete the Study contract outside Europe

Here is the academic calendar for 2022-2023

  • Semester 1 host programme: 5-9 September 2022
  • Semester 1: 12 September 2022 to 20 January 2022
  • Semester 2 host programme: 23-27 January 2023
  • Semester 2: 30 January to 26 May 2023

The list of courses offered at our university can be found on the following page:  

At the University of Avignon most courses are taught in French. However, some courses are taught in English. You can consult the list of courses offered in English by downloading the document " Courses Taught in English" .
Reminder: exchange students remain registered in their home institution, where they pay tuition fees. However, they do not pay tuition fees at the University of Avignon, where they are registered as non-degree-awarding students (= they cannot obtain a degree from the University of Avignon).

Please note: Exchange students from countries outside the European Economic Area must apply for a student visa application before they leave for France. You will find more detailed information in our Practical Guide for Exchange Students (see above). You can also contact the Campus France office in your home country or consult its website.

Incoming exchange students


You have been selected by your establishment to take a period of study abroad in our university as an exchange student?

The International office - International Relations Department (SRI) - staff is delighted to welcome you in Avignon.

After your nomination as an outgoing exchange student by your university, you must register online by filling this form

Please find below all the information regarding your stay and various documents available for downloading.

The accommodation booking form for a room in the CROUS residences will be sent to you by the International office after your registration.

  • The learning agreements for Erasmus students: *.ODT
  •  The learning agreement for incoming free movers : *.ODT
  • Academic calendar 2021-2022 :
  • Welcome week for the 1st semester :  from 6th to 10th September 2021
  • Semester 1: from 13th September 2021 to 14th January 2022
  • Welcome week for the 2nd semester from 17th to 21st January 2022
  • Semester 2: from 24th January to 27th May 2022

The course list proposed by our university can be checked under the link Choice of course and the  course syllabus can be downloaded here :

At Avignon University, most courses are taught in French. There are a few courses taught in English "
Reminder: Exchange students remain enrolled in their university of origin, where they pay their academic fees. But they do not pay any fees at Avignon University, where they are registered as non-graduate students (they cannot obtain a diploma from Avignon University).

Caution: Non- EEA exchange students must request a student visa before their departure to France. You can find further details in our Exchange student's practical guide. You can also contact CampusFrance branch in your country of origin or check their website.

BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL: Check the sanitary measures