Jobs and internships

Do you want to offer an internship or a job?
Your internship/job offers are sent to Service d'Accompagnement à la Formation, l'Insertion, la Réussite et l'Entrepreneuriat (SAFIRE) who will distribute it to the relevant training courses.
Please send your offer to the following e-mail address
You can also send your offers directly to the pedagogical secretariats of the courses, whose contact details can be found on the corresponding course sheets.
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Research and technology transfer

The " Valorisation, Partnership and Technology Transfer The aim of the "Research and Innovation Support Department" (DARI) is to support researchers and socio-economic players in the development of research partnerships.

If you are looking for expertise to solve a specific problem or if you simply wish to be put in touch with one of our laboratories, there is only one contact:
Economic development engineer / partnership officer
LD : 04 90 16 28 47
Mob : 07 60 58 04 21

Continuing and professional education

  • a guarantee of quality (national assessments and accreditations);
  • a diversity of knowledge updated through research ;
  • a professionalization approach (professional interventions, internships, work-study, apprenticeship);
  • access to a cultural life that encourages the development of creativity and critical thinking.

Contacts :
Continuing Education
Tel. +33 (0)4 32 74 32 20

One-stop shop

Partner CFA Epure Méditerranée
Tel. +33 (0)4 91 14 04 50

Objective to undertake!

You are student  with an idea or a project?
You wish to undertake ?

The University can support your challenge and accompany you.
From numerous events and devices are offered throughout the year: UEO business creation, DU Entrepreneurship, student-entrepreneur status, business creation games, student entrepreneurship club, etc.

Want to know more? Contact us !

Contacts :
The Service d'Accompagnement à la Formation, l'Insertion, la Réussite et l'Entrepreneuriat (SAFIRE)
Tel. +33 (0)4 90 16 25 85


Join the University Foundation's patrons. The culture of giving, to grow talent.
The University of Avignon works for the general interest through its Foundation, a development tool at the service of the territory.

Contacts :
University Foundation
Tel. +33 (0)4 90 16 28 02

Apprenticeship tax

The apprenticeship tax is an essential resource for Avignon University. It enables the financing of apprenticeship, technological and professional training.

It is a precious support to continue to develop excellent training and improve the study conditions of the students who will become your employees of tomorrow.

Following the reform of the apprenticeship tax, companies have the possibility to pay 13% of this tax directly to higher education institutions via the new allocation platform SOLTéA, set up by the State.

1 - In 2024, employers declare and pay the balance of the taxe d'apprentissage (i.e. 0.09 % of the 2023 payroll) to Urssaf and MSA on the Déclaration sociale nominative (DSN) in April 2024 (due on 5 or 15 May 2024).

2 - From 25 May to 7 September 2024, you can go to the SOLTéA platform to allocate the funds from the balance of your apprenticeship tax.


2024 Avignon University apprenticeship tax brochure