Registration fee

When you register, you will have to pay the registration fee.

1- Registration fees

  • Non-EU students outside the EU : differentiated fees 2023-2024

The payment of differentiated tuition fees by non-EU students has been in force at AU since the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. See the deliberation of the Board of Directors on 14 /12/21.
The amount of these fees is 2770€ for a Bachelor's degree and 3770€ for a Master's degree.

For more information on differential rights in AU, click here.

To see the number of places exempted from the differentiated registration fees per course, click here

AttentionStudents enrolled at AU in 2022-2023 who change to a different cycle in 2023-2024 (e.g. Bachelor to Master) will have to pay the differentiated fees.

2- The CVEC

You must pay the student and campus life contribution (CVEC) before you register with the school office. More info

3- Cases of exemption from national registration fees

You would like to know the different cases of exemption from registration fees, click here.

4- How to pay the registration fee

You want to know how to pay your registration fee, click here.

AttentionRegistration of foreign students outside the EU is only done in person at the school office. Online payment is therefore not possible.

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