Creating and financing an association

I - Creating a student association

Student associations applying for funding from the University, for an address at the University or for the use of premises should first contact the Maison de la culture et de la vie de campus, which will help them to put their application together (04 90 16 25 77).

1/ Statutes and domiciliation

Once the statutes have been filed with the Prefecture, each association must submit the project for the creation of an association to the President of the University for authorisation to be domiciled at the University, after validating the project with the House of Culture and Campus Life. This application will then be submitted to the CAC (Academic Council) and the President of the University for approval. There is an obligation to subscribe to the Charter for associations.

It will be necessary to file a copy of the statutes at the Maison de la culture et de la vie de campus, together with the receipt and declaration number from the Prefecture.

>> More information from the Culture and Campus Life Department - 04 90 16 25 77

>> Download the list of documents needed to apply for a student association's domicile

2/ Signature of the Charter of Associations

Mandatory signature of the charter of associations for any association wishing to establish its head office at the University of Avignon.

Mandatory signature for any association, not domiciled at the University of Avignon, for the use of premises and/or equipment or for grant applications.

For student associations: signing of the Charter at the Maison de la Culture et de la Vie de Campus.

>> Download the associations' charter (pdf)

3/ Use of the premises

Only registered student associations can use the collective premises of the Espace REVE (on the Hannah Arendt Campus). However, this space is open to all students who can meet the associations.
For more information, please contact the Student Vice President:

> Consult the rules of procedure of the REVE room

4/ Guides for managing your association and organising events

  • Other institutional sites can help you:
- The website
- The website

II - Financing an association

FSDIE - Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Étudiantes

The FSDIE enables student associations to carry out projects for the university community. To be eligible for FSDIE project funding, student associations must meet the following conditions:
  • the association must be domiciled at the University of Avignon;
  • be in good standing with the House of Culture and Campus Life, in particular with regard to the balance sheets for the use of previously awarded grants;
  • submit an electronic version of the grant application to the Student Vice President and the Maison de la Culture et de la Vie de Campus, 10 days before the date of the committee meeting.
    The template provided is It is not possible to submit any other file (except for annexes) than the one available on this page.
  • Thursday 14 September 2023 - 2pm
    application deadline: Monday 11 September, 23:59, with an appointment to be made with the Maison de la Culture et de la Vie de Campus before 8 September
  • Thursday 12 October 2023 - 9.30am
    application deadline: Monday 9 October, 23:59, with an appointment with the Maison de la Culture et de la Vie de Campus before 6 October
  • Thursday 22 February 2024 - 1.30pm
  • Thursday 28 March 2024 - 9.30am
  • Thursday 2 May 2024 - 9.30am
  • Wednesday 5 June 2024 - 9.30am

Mandatory documents to be completed for the submission of a grant application :
1/ FSDIE grant application file (format.doc)
2/ estimated project budget (.xls format)
3/ annual provisional budget of the association (format.xls)

The application must be submitted by e-mail only:
10 days before the FSDIE commission and after having made an appointment with the Maison de la Culture et de la Vie de Campus ( )
No file will be accepted without a prior appointment with the service and without validation of the service.

Culture-ActionS (CROUS)
The CROUS of Aix-Marseille Avignon has created the "Culture-ActionS" scheme which allows you to request support for student initiatives in various fields such as cultural projects (music, dance, theatre, etc.), commitment (citizenship, solidarity, environment, etc.) or campus activities (residences, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.).

Calendar 22/23 of the Culture Committees Actions

  • 1st Committee:  December 2023
    Deadline for applications :
  • 2nd committee: March 2024
    Deadline for applications :
  • 3rd committee: June 2024
    Deadline for applications :

More information

CROUS call for CVEC projects
This call for projects from the Crous d'Aix-Marseille Avignon is aimed at student associations. It aims to promote initiatives to improve campus life in the Aix-Marseille Academy (departments 13, 84, 04 and 05).
  • For grant applications ≤ 2 000 €: projects are studied as the water flows ;
  • For grant applications > €2,000: reviewed 4 times a year by the CVEC committee ;
  • For the student unionsthe amount of the advance is increased to 70% for grant applications up to €5,000.

The next commissions in 23-24 :

  • Tuesday 17 October 2023 9.30 am
  • Tuesday 12 December 2023 9.30 am
  • tuesday 19 march 2024 9.30 am
  • Tuesday 25 June 2024 9.30 am

The actions supported by the Crous will primarily benefit students enrolled in institutions that do not receive a CVEC payment, where there are generally few student life actions, and students whose place of study is far from the major urban and university centres.However, student associations registered in a beneficiary institution may propose projects, provided that they are intended to also to students from outside their institution.

Before any file is sent, you must make an appointment with the Maison de la Culture et de la vie de Campus of the university.
The application must then be sent by e-mail to the CROUS services: at

Other funding

Grant from the City of Avignon

The City of Avignon allocates grants to associations in the city. The student associations of the University of Avignon are eligible. For any information, you can contact its service of the associative life.

More information

Subsidy from the Vaucluse Department

The Department of Vaucluse awards grants to associations in all fields within its competence.

More information

Grant from the Southern Region

The Southern Region provides grants to associations in all fields within its competence.

More information

FIJ (Fonds pour l'initiative des Jeunes en Vaucluse)

The Fonds pour l'Initiative des Jeunes (Youth Initiative Fund) is a scheme aimed at young people aged 12 to 25 (alone or with others) who have a very specific project and who are seeking technical, educational or financial assistance in order to carry out this project.

More information