Steering Committee


The main missions of the Steering Unit are concentrated around :

  • job management in relation to the wage bill,
  • coordination and control of the payroll,
  • the construction of activity indicators to measure the resources used by missions and structures
  • the measurement of quantitative elements by major functions and related structures, by activity
  • social dialogue, monitoring and management of CSA and FS SSCT bodies,
  • professional elections

The control and coordination of the payroll is carried out by the steering unit.

The pay of Avignon University staff is codified by the HR managers at Avignon University. It is then sent to the Direction Régionale des Finances Publiques (DRFIP) in Marseille, which is responsible for making the pay. This system is called "pay à façon".

Payrolls are processed one month before the date on which salaries are to be remitted to staff accounts. Therefore, changes requested by staff may not be taken into account until the month following the request.

As regards pay slips, they can be found on the ENSAP website: Each staff member has to register in order to have access to the pay and pension part.

The compensation policy is studied by the steering committee.
The allowances of permanent staff are governed by their statutes.
The amount of the allowances is set by decree or order.
The amount can be fixed or it can be between a minimum and a maximum amount.
In this case, the amounts allocated are proposed by the administration. They are first presented in working groups with the trade unions. They are then submitted to the Technical Committee for its opinion. Finally, the decision is taken by the Management Board.

You will find the schedule for the payment of allowances on e-doc under the heading: "Human Resources Department", "Steering Unit", "Financial Management".

The steering unit is also responsible for drafting and transmitting the "HR Newsletters".
The purpose of the latter, which are sent to all staff on an ongoing basis, is to inform, alert or remind staff and/or heads of department of the regulations or HR provisions implemented at the university.

Organisation Steering Unit

Anne-Laure AUTIER
Head of the steering division
- Payroll Coordinator / Payroll Control
- HRIS Coordinator
- Compensation policy
Office 3E14
Tel: 04 90 16 25 53

Géraldine CEBE
 - Payroll coordination and control
- Collective management
Office 3E14
Tel: 04 90 16 29 62

- Follow-up of bodies: TC and CHSCT (safety, working conditions),
- Collective management
- Election management
Office 3E14
Tel: 04 90 16 28 67

Nicolas MATOIS
HR Management Controller
- HRD dashboards, forecasting studies
- Monitoring jobs and payroll
- Social database and Single Social Report
- Payroll Coordinator / Payroll Controller
Office 3E14
Tel: 04 90 16 25 47