[SFTLV] Alain Gerbaud

I hold a national diploma in oenology, which I obtained in 1986 at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Montpellier. I have been working in this profession for thirty years. I was a technical manager in a large wine cooperative for the first ten years and now I have been doing the same job for twenty years in another winery of similar size. My skills are therefore mainly technical.

Throughout these years, I felt that a routine was setting in and in 2010, I asked my employer to carry out a skills assessment. The assessment revealed my ability to pass on knowledge and my teaching skills. It must be said that since my early years as a student, I have never stopped giving maths support lessons to schoolchildren with difficulties. And on another level, I have always enjoyed welcoming trainees in my company, accompanying them and sharing my practice and experience with them. I was noticed by the CFPPA in Carpentras. Last spring, they offered me a shift in the absence of their oenology trainer. From there, the idea of becoming a trainer and the desire for a change in my professional life germinated in me. Perhaps at first I would simply do some shifts as a complement to my activity, and then why not consider a smooth end to my career devoted solely to training?

Mrs Ceccaroli, who is in charge of training at the CFPPA, then directed me towards the adult trainer degree that existed at the University of Avignon. I asked to take an individual training leave, which was accepted, as well as its financing. And so it was logical that I enrolled in September 2018 in the Licence as an adult trainer.

What I liked most about this training was that it brought me closer to the human sciences, as I come from a more scientific background.
I was very interested in pedagogy, didactics and the basics of communication.

I found the tools I was missing in the transmission of knowledge.

Alternation is absolutely essential for practising and training. It allows you to gain experience in the classroom and to share your feedback with the group at the university.

When I talk about the Bachelor's degree, I first of all emphasise the welcome, the benevolence and the listening that I found there. Of course, the quality of the teaching and the professionalism of the teaching staff are also remarkable.

I would also recommend this degree to anyone who wants to learn about e-learning, ICT and new teaching technologies as I understand that this has become a strong focus of the programme.

The period of sanitary confinement and teleworking in the spring of 2020 underlines the importance and necessity for trainers to master these techniques.

Discover the training >>> Licence Professionnelle Métier de la GRH - Ingénierie, Conseil et Animation de Formation (ICAF)