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  • Device Visale (ex Clé - Caution Locative Etudiante du Crous)
    The Caution Locative Étudiante (Clé), a Crous-Lokaviz device, has become the Visale support of Action Logement, which is a free device that in no way replaces insurance for her flat which it is compulsory to present in order to enter the accommodation. The principle of Visale is unchanged, it is the aid that guarantees and ensures the payment of the rent including charges in case of non-payment of the latter. Consult the Visale platform for all the information related to the Visale system and the conditions for obtaining it. In addition, to make the process easier, remember to complete the Visale file before you move in and sign the site survey document.
  • See the website Lokaviz the student housing centre
  • The DGCCRF (Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes) proposes (in PDF) the student housing guidefor know their rights and the mistakes to avoid.
  • Residences and hostels in Avignon
  • ADELE : commercial site for student accommodation
  • low-cost room in the home of an elderly person and her association in Avignon The Logitude
  • Studéa ResidencesLAMY Group
  • MaPiauleStudyrama's student accommodation website
  • See also the site  Habitat Jeunes Residence which offers residences (2 in Avignon and 1 in Monteux) exclusively for young people from 16 to 30 years with a social team that can support the young person individually. These are one-room flats rented for variable durations ranging from 1 month to 2 years or more. Information by telephone on 04 86 19 41 00 or at the following address

 And also many sites about finding a flat share...