The ANR's Joint Laboratory (LabCom) programme celebrates its 10th anniversary

Research news 6 December 2023

On Thursday 23 November, the French National Research Agency (ANR) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Joint Laboratory (LabCom) programme at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.

The event was an opportunity for the ANR to unveil the remarkable results of around a hundred LabCom projects, covering a wide range of scientific and technological fields as well as a variety of socio-economic sectors. Grégory Durand, Senior Lecturer (HDR) at Avignon University (UPRI / ERIT S2CB - Synthesis and Bio-organic Colloidal Systems), represented the LabCom Chem2staB. Created in 2015, the Chem2staB LabCom brings together teams of chemists from Avignon University (UPRI / ERIT S2CB - Synthesis and Bio-organic Colloidal Systems) and biochemists from Eurofins CALIXAR.

Chem2stab's main objective is to develop new molecules capable of extracting, stabilising and crystallising therapeutic targets and antigens (in particular membrane proteins) without altering their structure. This research is of major importance in the field of reagents for proteomics, in particular for the validation of membrane-type pharmaceutical targets, an emerging field with crucial implications for human and animal health.

Since its creation, Chem2staB has enabled Eurofins CALIXAR to market around ten proprietary compounds, which are also routinely deployed in the company's customer projects, and to publish 11 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

Members of the Chem2stab LabCom
Members of the Chem2staB LabCom

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