Helping hand for young entrepreneurs

Project-based grant coup de pouce young entrepreneurs The aim of the "Avignon University Entrepreneurial Grant" is to provide financial support to Avignon University students involved in entrepreneurial dynamics and business creation. Its objective is to improve the level of maturation (technological and/or scientific) of the projects selected, with a view to increasing the number of companies created or taken over by students or to transferring innovation to existing companies.

The grant is intended for pre-creation projects. The grant can finance materials and equipment for the creation of proofs of concept and prototypes, some feasibility studies, market research, prior art searches etc.

Each project can receive a grant of up to €8,000 to be used over a maximum of 18 months.

Response to the call for projects on an ad hoc basis by requesting the Maison de l'Orientation et de l'Insertion, leader of the "Coup de pouce" scheme.


House of Orientation and Integration