You are a permanent administrative staff

My manager's name is Nicolas VAILLEN
I can reach him on 04 90 16 28 21 or by e-mail at

As soon as I am recruited, my manager will contact me by e-mail:

  • Provide the following documents:
    - National identity card
    - Copy of the family record book
    - A bank account number
    - A copy of my health insurance card
    - Proof of address (less than 3 months old)
    - A copy of my diplomas
    - Any element relating to my previous professional situation (decree of appointment, the last step promotion decree, the first tenure decree, CCP, etc.)
    - Information sheet
    Depending on your situation
    - A copy of the military status certificate
    - My application for Family Salary Supplement (SFT)

On the day of my arrival at the University, I must :

  • Sign my Installation Report (IR)
  • Date and sign the IT charter
  • Create my timetable on my ENT
  • Send a passport photo to for the creation of my professional card