Health and Quality of Life at Work Unit


Supporting people and services in the prevention and resolution of complex situations

    • Individual accompaniment: places where people can listen to situations of unease
    • Collective support: mediation between people wishing to resolve a conflict situation "by the top".
    • Financial assistance: help with children's holidays, help with children's illnesses and disabilities, moving house, birth and retirement gifts, exceptional assistance and loans, etc.
    • Support for disabled staff: adapting workstations and work organisation (teleworking, working hours, etc.)
    • Coordination of preventive medicine (appointments and recommendations)
    • Helping people live together better: promoting equality, including diversity, combating discrimination, preventing RPS and sexual and gender-based violence.

Associated Services

Social Worker

- Financial assistance and loans in case of exceptional difficulties,
- Assistance with administrative procedures (MDPH file, etc.)
Every Tuesday by appointment, at Agroparc and the town centre
Contact details:

Listening unit

- Analysing, understanding and finding solutions to situations of conflict or unhappiness in the workplace (relational difficulties, harassment, discrimination, etc.)
Appointments by mail or telephone on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, one Tuesday per month on the Agroparc campus
Contact details:
Tel: 06 07 96 75 01

Prevention doctors

- Mandatory visit: 5 years (general case), or every 1-2 years for staff subject to specific risks
- On your own initiative: make an appointment, as often as necessary

For all staff :

Centre de Gestion de la Fonction Publique Territoriale de Vaucluse - CDG84
80 Rue Marcel Demonque - Agroparc - CS 60508 - 84908 Avignon Cedex 9
Tel: 04 32 44 89 43


Clarisse VERMES
Head of the division

- Implementation of the cluster's policy
- Disability correspondent
- Equality Referent F/H
- Sexual and gender-based violence and harassment referral
- LGBT Referent
- Autism referent

- Coordinator of the Social Watch Unit (the "GAT")
Office 1W60

- Social Action Officer
Office 3E15
Extension no.: 04 90 16 28 00