[Joint conference Café des Sciences & Avignon University] 10 May at 8 pm: "The Homo genus is not what it used to be" by François Marchal

Date and place :

Wednesday 10 May 2023
At 8pm
Scène d'Avignon - Direction Alain Timár
4 rue Noël Biret - Avignon

  • Free admission without reservation

The Homo genus is not what it used to be - With François Marchal, CNRS researcher at the ADES UMR 7268 laboratory (CNRS, AMU, EFS), paleoanthropologist

Did you know that paleoanthropologists no longer know how to define the genus Homo?

If more than fifty years of research have advanced our knowledge enormously, they have also profoundly modified our vision of this gender of ours, to the point where they no longer know, biologically, who and what we are. This conference will propose to understand this ongoing revolution.

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