Environment Week

News 21 March 2024

From Monday 25 to Thursday 28 March 2024
Avignon University
Campus Hannah Arendt - City centre site
74 rue Louis Pasteur - 84000 Avignon
Jean-Henri Fabre Campus - Agroparc
UFR STS - 301 rue Baruch de Spinoza
CERI - 339 chemin des Meinajaries
IUT - 337 chemin des Meinajaries

Environment Week is a nationwide event, the primary aim of which is to raise public awareness of the crucial issues involved in preserving our planet and to promote concrete action in favour of sustainable development. Coordinated by the student associations Bang, BDE'RÊKA, the popular education association Latitudes and Avignon Université, the event will take place from 25 to 28 March on the university's two campuses. It will also involve a number of student associations, Avignon University staff (lecturers and departments) and local partners committed to this socially and environmentally responsible approach.

The main aim of Environment Week is to share and discuss current ecological challenges, in order to inspire action at the university and across the country. The programme includes a range of activities such as participatory workshops, debates and guided tours, giving participants a better understanding of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and mobility issues.

Registration for events is compulsory for people from outside the university. It is recommended for students and members of staff of the university:

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