[Event] Fête de la science 2023

News Research news 5 October 2023

We are delighted to announce that the Fête de la Science 2023 will take place from 6 to 16 October. This year's official theme is "Sport and science.

Events not to be missed in Vaucluse

  • Saturday 7 October from 10am to 6pm
    Science Village

Place de l'Horloge
Nearly 30 stands to get you excited about science! Activities, games, workshops and meetings.
Discover it on your own or with the whole family.
Suggested by Café des sciences d'Avignonthe city of Avignon and Avignon University - Contact: 06 18 62 25 22 - isahuau@gmail.com

  • Tuesday 10 October at 8.30pm
    Café des sciences - "Sport, a matter of the heart", Stéphane Nottin (LaPEC)

6 rue du général Leclerc - Restaurant Françoise
Café des sciences with Stéphane Nottin, Senior Lecturer at Avignon University (Experimental Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory - LaPEC).
Proposed by the Café des sciences d'Avignon - Contact : isahuau@gmail.com
>> More about this café

  • Wednesday 11 October from 2pm
    Visit and workshops at the Grenier à Sel

2 Rue du Rempart Saint-Lazare
What plants say - Visit and workshops around the exhibition Symptoms of the living.
Suggested by Salt granary - Contact:

  • Wednesday 11 October from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
    Guided family tour at 4.30pm, Visit to the Tipi urban farm

Avenue Eisenhower
Market gardening techniques, soil life, the plant cycle, insects...
Suggested by Young shoots - Contact: 06 26 76 75 00 - info.lesjeunespousses@gmail.com

  • From 6 to 16 October 10am to 6pm
    Avilab, the Fablab for sustainable development

Impasse Lescure
Discover the machines, aquaponics and mycelium.
Suggested by Avilab - Contact: 07 83 31 74 31 - contact@avilab.fr

Events for the Bicentenary of Jean-Henri Fabre

Requien Museum, 67 rue Joseph Vernet
Contact: 04 13 60 51 20 - museum.requien@mairie-avignon.com

From 6 to 16 October: "Jean-Henri FABRE, 200 years of inspiration" exhibition.

The REQUIEN Museum retraces the life of Jean-Henri FABRE, which alternated between encounters and moments of solitude. From Saint-Léons (in Aveyron) to Sérignan-du-Comtat, via Avignon (Vaucluse) and Ajaccio (Corsica), this is how one of France's most famous naturalists came to be. A friend of Esprit REQUIEN and the third curator of the Avignon Natural History Museum, he left a lasting mark, which is presented in the museum's collections.
>> More info

  • Thursday 12 October at 6pm - Town Hall
    Lecture "Raymond Poincaré's visit to Avignon". Background to the President's visit to the naturalist.
  • Friday 13 October at 6pm
    Lecture "Insects in the poetry of Jean-Henri Fabre" with Jean-Bernard Plantevin.

>> Download the full programme for the Fête de la Science 2023 throughout Vaucluse

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