[SFTLV testimonial] Jordann DUCQ

 "At the age of 28, I left school 9 years ago, with a baccalauréat in my pocket, to work in private security and then public security. I wanted to move on to other jobs in this field and give my professional career a boost.

It was a well-defined project that led me to choose to return to university to study for a professional degree in Safety and Risk Management. I chose this degree because of the richness of its programme and its recognition on the job market. It gave me a very open mind about the world of safety and a significant risk culture.

I did this work-linked training course as assistant to the French security director of a major French group. This work-linked training enabled me to put my professional learning into direct practice and gain valuable experience. I'm now an HSE coordinator in the pharmaceutical industry. My day-to-day work involves managing safety projects as a project manager, but more generally I'm involved in implementing and leading the company's safety, security, occupational health and environmental policy. I've also been self-employed since January 2020.

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