Avignon University is recruiting Temporary Teaching and Research Assistants for the academic year 2024-2025 - Avignon University page updated regularly

Decree no. 88-654 of 7 May 1988

Please note: 2nd level teachers must notify their application to their Rectorat, from which they will have to request a secondment if they are selected.

Publication of results

Results of the 2024 ATER recruitment campaign (all sections combined) : Rankings to download

Campaign timetable and procedures - supplementary

Publication of GALAXIE jobs : from FRIDAY 28 JUNE to FRIDAY 23 AUGUST 2024 at 16:00 (Paris time)

  NO link to the dedicated platform is sent via GALAXIE. You MUST create your account on the dedicated platform 

- Dedicated Avignon University platform: from Friday 28 June to Friday 23 August 2024 at 11.59pm (Paris time)
- Publication of results on GALAXIE and on the university website: 27 September 2024
- Assignment of candidates : from 14 October 2024

the list of documents to download and other information at the end of this page, after the list of positions

ComponentLaboratoryCNU SectionProfileNumber of positionsPUBLICATION CODE
UFR SHSUMR 7300 ESPACE23Human, physical, economic and regional geography, regional planning1htts://

Submission of applications :

Applications must be submitted electronically; no paper applications will be accepted.

Please note: the application form must be submitted using the university's application only; no documents can be submitted using Galaxie.

Applicants must register an application for each of the calls for applications for which they wish to apply on the ALTAIR application on the GALAXIE portal:

  NO link to the dedicated platform is sent via GALAXIE. You MUST create your account on the dedicated platform 

Complete applications must be submitted by Friday 15 March 2024. at the latest   on the dedicated application at the following address (Then go to Enseignant then ATER and finally to the chosen post).

The application file includes administrative and scientific information. In the case of multiple applications, it is necessary to provide all the documents requested for each position.

Composition of the file

List of attachments : list

Any documents not listed will not be examined by the committee.  ! For the sake of clarity, please clearly name the documents submitted to the platform!

Document templates :

- Application form
- Annex 1 - Certificate of commitment to take part in a competition
- Appendix 2 - Certificate of thesis supervisor
- Annex 3 - Application for secondment

Please note: ATERs currently in post can only obtain an extension of their contract at their institution or at another institution if the maximum duration of their initial contract has not been reached. It is not possible for them to make a new request by invoking a change in their situation: for example, a student recruited as an ATER for 2 years who has completed his or her thesis cannot claim to be recruited again as a doctorate holder.

Contact: Caroline Balas - Françoise Mazel
Tel : 04 90 16 25 39 - 04 90 16 25 36