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JPEG Seminar - Session of 17 May 2024 - Paul Rebière - Between legislative and judicial powers: a brief history of parliamentary committees of enquiry in the mid-twentieth century

Hannah Arendt Campus

As part of the "Matins du -JPEG" 2024 series, the Laboratoire des sciences Juridiques, Politique, Économiques et de Gestion is delighted to welcome Paul Rebière, doctoral student and researcher in contemporary history at Avignon Université, for a seminar entitled: Entre les pouvoirs législatif et judiciaire: une petite histoire des commissions d'enquête [...].

Café des Sciences: "From research to society, AI everywhere? Why?"

"From research to society, AI everywhere? Why?" A science café prepared by doctoral students from the University of Avignon. Thursday 23 May from 8.30pm at the Restaurant "Chez Françoise" 6 Rue du Général Leclerc, 84000 "Artificial Intelligence", "AI", a name that resonates with the futuristic visions of the 1940s brought to life by [...].

[Conference] Géopoint - Measuring space, and afterwards? 13 and 14 June in Avignon

Hannah Arendt Campus

Describing the spatial differentiation of socio-economic and environmental phenomena and, to a lesser extent, seeking in absolute or relative locations all or part of the explanation for their emergence, characteristics and dynamics, is now commonplace. Few people really doubt that "space matters". Over the last twenty years or so, this 'spatial turn' has [...]

[Colloquium] History of the Opéra Grand Avignon

Thursday 13 June 2024 - Opéra Grand Avignon - Salon des Préludes >> Free admission, registration required Second part of the symposium dedicated to the Opéra Grand Avignon, on the occasion of its 200th anniversary: "Theatre in the city", 13 and 14 June 2024. The first part, "Creation", took place in November 2023. Scientific CommitteeJulie [...]