To close the university year under the sign of sport, the SUAPS offers you a wide programme of Outdoor Physical Activities to discover our heritage.

Conditions of implementation:

✔️Have a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old.

✔️Transport by university minibus and/or personal vehicle

✔️Return from training activities before curfew

June 2021 Outdoor Physical Activities programme

The SUAPS (University Physical and Sports Activities Service) covers all the sports activities organized on the campuses of Avignon University. More than 50 activities are proposed throughout the year, through courses allowing the student to follow each week the UEO (Unités d'Enseignement d'Ouverture / Opening Units) but also courses to help personal development.

Artistic physical activities, maintenance activities and soft practices, team sports, racket sports and combat sports, all of these activities are available to students and staff alike, not forgetting outdoor physical activities such as golf and swimming.

To access these activities, you must pay a 20€ sports fee (sports pack) to the Studies and Schooling Service when you register at the University.

It is optional for obtaining a UEO, but it is mandatory:
  • for the loan of the activity's equipment,
  • for the practice of a personal development activity (ADP) / "Loisir" or a second activity,
  • for access to PSAs (Autonomous Sports Practices),
  • to take part in Outdoor Physical Activities (APPN) and training courses (extra cost to be checked),
  • to take part in the different events and demonstrations.
The news of the UEO, the APPN (Stand Up Paddle, Kayak, climbing, hiking, via ferrata, caving...), courses (skiing, surfing, paragliding...) and other events can also be found on the facebook, instagram and twitter pages: SUAPS Avignon University.

Instagram: Suapsavignonuniv
Facebook: Suaps Avignon University
Twitter: @SuapsU

High level University Athletes

The SUAPS proposes a week of detection of the High Level University Athletes (SHNU) in team sports and dance from September.
This particular status allows a support of studies and university competition to represent Avignon University in different championships and events.

For individual sports, an application is to be collected at the reception of the Sports and Research Centre at the beginning of the academic year.

The commission that grants the status of high level university athlete for the 1st semester of 2020-2021 will be held on October 19, 2020.
Applications must be submitted before October 12.
Document to download:
Fitness on the Jean-Henri Fabre Campus
The SEVE Fitness Area welcomes all students and users wishing to develop an independent outdoor sports practice. Located in the car park of the Jean Zay student residence, this space developed by the SUAPS thanks to the Ville Campus program is freely accessible to all.

Date of update June 14, 2021