Avignon University

The Port of Marseille Fos and Avignon University are going to remove concrete foundations in order to breathe new life into an exceptional ecosystem: the Crau "cushions".

05 December

[Thesis defense] 18/12/23: Julio Cesar Perez Garcia: "Contribution to security and privacy in the Internet of Things based on Blockchain: Robustness, reliability, and scalability." (LIA)

05 December

[Defense de thèse] 18/12/23 : Adrien Servent - Rationalisation des conditions opératoires au cours de la transformation de fruits tropicaux pour maximiser les qualités sensorielle et nutritionnelle. Application to flash détente and tangential filtration (INRAE/UMR SQPOV)

04 December

[Thesis defence] 12/12/23: Thomas Pressecq: "Development of a decision-making tool to promote the use of microbial biocontrol" (INRAE Pathologie Végétale, INRAE Ecodéveloppement and APREL)

04 December

The first international conference of the Green and Sustainable Plant Chemistry Chair, BIOVASA-2023, took place on 2 and 3 November 2023.

04 December

Job fair / 6 December 6pm

01 December

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UFR Arts, Letters and Languages

[Thesis defence] 12/12/23, Sandra Najac: "Contact de langues et identité chez des Québécois d'origine haïtienne" (ICTT)

28 November

UFR Humanities and Social Sciences

Job fair / 6 December 6pm

01 December

UFR Sciences, Technologies, Health

[Thesis defence] 8/12/23, Matthieu Josse: "Exercise during dialysis: a cardioprotective role" (LAPEC)

29 November

UFR Law, Economics, Management

AED eloquence competition

24 October

University Institute of Technology

European Life VineAdapt project at the IUT in Avignon

27 October

Continuing Education


23 March