Lifelong learning


At the Université d'Avignon, you will find the means to train permanently, throughout your life. You can validate your professional experience to obtain a university diploma, benefit from solutions to adapt, finance and validate your training.

The purpose of the Lifelong Learning Service is to promote professional integration, to assist in the creation of enterprises and to develop social advancement.

It allows an adult employee or job seeker to resume his or her studies throughout his or her life in order to improve his or her skills or to enhance his or her professional experience:

  • through national diplomas, university diplomas, certification courses, accredited courses allowing the validation of E.C.T.S. credits
  • by the Validation of Acquired Experience or Professional Experience (V.A.E.)

It is also open to people wishing to follow professional training courses and who wish to complete their curriculum and have access to work placements provided for in most Professional Licences and University Diplomas.


Fabien Monnet

Pedagogical Engineering
Amaury Laurant, Hélène Dechezleprêtre

Administrative Manager
Jean-Michel Mailliet


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