[Portraits] On 8 March 2024, discover four new portraits

Portraits of March 2024 - From left to right: Céline Bourgeois, Marielle Blanc, Valentina Citterio, Valérie Salin

To mark International Women's Rights Day, we invite you to meet four women who hold positions in various disciplines within the University, making a vital contribution to the institution's missions.

Marielle Blanc - Financial Manager UPR LaPEC

Marielle Blanc is financial manager for the STAPS department and the Laboratoire de Physiologie Expérimentale Cardiovasculaire (UPR 4278 LaPEC).

The financial manager acts as an intermediary for teacher-researchers in the administrative management of their projects. They help them draw up their budgets and manage income and expenditure in accordance with financial rules. In this way, they help to facilitate the involvement of researchers in their research work.

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As head of the Biological Engineering department at the IUT, Céline Bourgeois manages the department's pedagogical and technical organisation, including budget management, compliance with syllabuses, the organisation of teaching with his team, and the management of BUT GB's technical staff.
She teaches a number of disciplines covering a wide range of subjects from biology and biochemistry to process engineering and food technology.
Since the beginning of March, Céline Bourgeois has been Vice-President responsible for the university's environmental transition.

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Céline Bourgeois - teacher, head of the IUT's Biological Engineering Department
Valentina Citterio - Doctoral student in theatre studies (ICTT)

Valentina Citterio is a doctoral student in theatre studies with the Research-Creation label, working in the Cultural Identity, Texts and Theatricality laboratory (UPR 4277 ICTT).

Her research focuses on the poetic work of Dominique Fourcade, which is considered to be one of the most singular of recent decades. The link between poetry and dance has been present since her first poems were published. Yet none of her collections has ever been transposed for the stage. It is this possibility of transposition that she is working on, developing in particular her research into the link between body and text, gesture and speech.

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Valérie Salin is administrative manager of the UMR Étude des Structures et des Processus d'Adaptation et des Changements de l'Espace (UMR 7300 ESPACE).

Her current role involves coordinating the laboratory's administrative and financial activities, consolidating data from the UMR's four sites, ensuring that procedures and regulations are complied with, and so on.
The overall aim is to provide support to the laboratory's research staff on aspects that are not their core business, in particular by acting as an interface with central services, for example when drawing up a partnership agreement.

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Valérie Salin - Administrative Manager, UMR ESPACE