Partnership signed between Avignon University and the FACE Vaucluse Foundation: social inclusion, equal opportunities, economic and social development of the region

News 19 September 2023

Avignon University and the Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion Vaucluse (FACE 84) have formalised their partnership with the signing of a framework agreement. The aim is to create a positive and lasting impact by promoting social inclusion, equal opportunities and the economic and social development of the region.

The signing ceremony will be preceded by three round tables starting at 4pm. The themes of the round tables are Fuel poverty and eco-gestures, Towards an inclusive society and Innovative third places.

In the presence of :

  • Michel Bissière, Regional Councillor for Artistic and Cultural Life, Southern Region
  • Anne Gagniard, local councillor responsible for universities and higher education establishments, City of Avignon
  • Timothée Delacôte , General Delegate, FACE France
  • Pierre-Hubert Martin, Chairman, FACE Vaucluse
  • Samuel Priso Essawe, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Avignon University
  • Philippe Obert, Chairman of the Fondation d'Avignon Université

The Avignon University Foundation marks the university's determination to build lasting partnerships with the socio-economic world, to involve the players in the ecosystem in the institution's future and to position itself as a major player in the development of its region.

Its mission is to implement concrete initiatives aimed at students and lecturers at Avignon University, organised in synergy with companies and local authorities.

These actions are based on two priorities:

- Entrepreneurship and innovation.

- Social and community action, particularly for students in difficulty.

Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion Vaucluse (FACE 84) is a business club involved in social initiatives to combat discrimination, exclusion and inequality in the Vaucluse region. FACE Vaucluse takes practical, long-term action to help vulnerable groups gain access to essential rights, goods and services, break the cycle of isolation and job insecurity, break the cycle of educational inequality and bring jobseekers closer to the business community.

Carol Isouard Pauleau - Director of Face Vaucluse
07 61 94 14 03

Claudie Galnon
Director of Communications
06 07 04 79 63