[MidiSciences 2023] "Jean-Henri Fabre, past and present" by Emile Laguna, President of the Association des Compagnons de l'Harmas et du Naturoptère - 6 April

06 April 2023
From 13:00 to 14:00

Jean-Henri Fabre Campus
Agroscience Division
Amphi Agro
Open to all and to be followed online here: v-au.univ-avignon.fr/live/colloque/

On 6 April, Émile Laguna will be presenting a Midisciences lecture on the theme of "Jean-Henri Fabre, past and present".

To mark the 200ᵉ anniversary of the birth of Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915), this lecture aims to raise awareness of this exceptional naturalist. His life and work will be evoked based on a few significant milestones, which guided the journey of this "passer of science", whose message remains remarkably relevant to this day.

Emile Laguna is Chairman of the Harmas and Naturoptère Companions Association..

The lectures will be available for viewing
online on Canal U.
To follow them live, go here:

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