Real Estate Directorate


The IPD brings together under the same umbrella the management of real estate, logistics and the related financial resources.
Its main task is to provide safe, healthy and rational premises for the public.

It provides advice to the Presidency and acts as a project manager, particularly for construction, accessibility and major renovation projects
The logistics department is also responsible for cleaning the premises, maintaining the green areas, managing the car fleet, providing mail services, and carrying out preventive and curative work on technical and safety installations.
The Administrative and Budgetary Unit is responsible for budgetary and financial matters, various activity monitoring and planning of partnership projects (CPER), as well as budgetary management related to building projects (project management, works, etc.) The IPD is also a professional partner for advice and support for reorganisation and reorganisation projects.

The department carries out all the tasks and obligations of the owner by carrying out :

  • Project management for new construction and major renovation projects.
  • Project management for in-house and/or outsourced work.
  • Maintenance and safety operations on installations
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of the Real Estate and Development Master Plan.
  • Management of heritage databases .


Responsible :
Jean-Luc Choisnet


74 rue Louis Pasteur
84029 Avignon cedex 1

+33 (0)4 90 16 28 22


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