European Life VineAdapt project at the IUT in Avignon

News 27 October 2023

On 16 October 2023, IUT Avignon was the venue for a training course on budget management for international Life projects. The training was led by financial expert Barbora Patockova from Ernst & Young, commissioned by the European Union. The French partners in the project, Avignon Université - IMBE and the Marrenon wine cooperative (Luberon), had invited their German, Hungarian and Austrian colleagues to visit the experimental vineyard plots in the Luberon and the partners' premises at the IUT, the Bonnieux winery and the cooperative at La Tour-d'Aigues. The purpose of the visit was also to discuss the progress of the project and the next steps.

The main challenge of the Life VineAdapt project is the resilience of wine-growing agro-ecosystems to climate change. Following on from previous work, we are working on the assumption that richer biodiversity and better adapted vineyard management will enable better adaptation to the future climate. The work of the French partners focuses on the ecosystem services associated with diversified inter-row grassing, and on the ecological impact of irrigation - increasingly used in Mediterranean viticulture. The French study area is the Luberon. The work in France is led by two teacher-researchers from the Avignon IUT (Armin Bischoff and Olivier Blight) and involves two doctoral students (Léo Rocher and Emile Melloul) also based at the IUT.

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