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The student vice-president of Avignon University is elected by the academic board (one of the governance bodies of the University within which are elected representatives of the students, representatives of the administrative and teaching staff as well as external personalities). It is part of the presidential team of the institution and, in this sense, participates in the definition of its policy. By virtue of its statusHe/she directs the office of campus life, chairs the FSDIE commission as well as the conference of elected students of the university. He represents the university with external partners and local authorities within the limits of his competence as well as with the conference of student vice-presidents of the university (CEVPU). It is elected for two years and has an office to receive students who feel the need.

Since May 2020, the Student Vice President is Thaouban DRIDER (

You can contact the other student representatives on their university mailbox (firstname.lastname[at] replacing [at] with @).

The student vice-president of the CROUS d'Aix-Marseille Avignon is elected by the CROUS board of directors. He is part of the CROUS management team and is the main contact for student life. The last holder is Tom Goujata law student in Aix-Marseille.

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