UMR 8562 CNE - Dynamics of Social Worlds


Scientific project

The Norbert Elias Centre (UMR 8562) brings together researchers from different disciplines who are convinced of the unity of the human and social sciences. The laboratory is located on the EHESS Marseille campus at Vieille Charité and on the Hannah Arendt campus at Avignon University. It brings together 50 researchers, 80 doctoral students and a support team of about ten people who work on the analysis and description of social worlds. The work is organised around four themes: Places and forms of politics; Children, families and kinship; Ecologies and care; Forms and processes of culture.
The laboratory coordinates a research federation, Agoranticand a place of co-creation, the Writing Factory. It also accompanies the editorial activities of the journals Techniques & Culture, Culture and museums and Anthropology and Health.

Current projects in Avignon (selection)

RestEAUr'lag (2019-2021)
Ecological restoration of Mediterranean lagoon socio-ecosystems
Scientific coordination for the NEC: Stéphane Durand
ANR HISTRANS (2018-2021)
History of transparency. Politics made visible: Germany and France, 1890-1990
Scientific coordination: Frédéric Monier

Information and Communication Sciences
OLIVE4ALL (2021-2024) - Olive growing heritage for sustainable development. Raising community awareness of living heritage - Julie Deramond
OduS (2021-2022) - The Spectator's Observatory - Éloi Flesch
AP-PAT (2020-2022) - Mobile applications for visiting heritage sites - Lise Renaud, Allison Guiraud


Affiliated structures
Information and Communication Sciences Department
History Department
Modern Literature Department

Other guardianship institutions
Aix-Marseille University

Management College
Giorgio Blundo (EHESS), Axelle Brodiez (CNRS), Stéphane Durand (Avignon University), Agnès Martial (CNRS).

University professors
Stéphane Durand (History)
Frédéric Monier (History)
Éric Triquet (Information and Communication Sciences)

Senior lecturers
Bruno Bertherat (History)
Isabelle Brianso (Information and Communication Sciences)
Julie Deramond (Information and Communication Sciences)
Boris Deschanel (History)
Benjamin Landais (History)
Laure Marchis-Mouren (Information and Communication Sciences)
Lise Renaud (Information and Communication Sciences)
Jean Christophe Sevin (Information and Communication Sciences)
Olivier Rouchon (History)
Chantal Wionet (Language Sciences)

Professor Emeritus
Jean Davallon (Information and Communication Sciences)
Daniel Jacobi (Information and Communication Sciences)

Associate professionals
Pauline Grison (Information and Communication Sciences)
Eloi Flesch (Information and Communication Sciences)

Courses offered

  • Master's degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, "History" major, "Culture, Politics, Society" course
  • Master's degree in Culture and Communication, "Mediation, Museums and Heritage" (Museocom)
  • Licence History - CMI History and Multimedia Engineering


Hannah Arendt Campus, Sainte Marthe site
North building
74 rue Louis Pasteur, 84 000 Avignon

SIC Secretariat
History Secretariat
Secretariat Modern Languages


Modern history / History of public policy / Social and cultural history / Contemporary history / History of France / History of Europe
Communication / Culture / Digital culture / Cultural institutions / Media / Mediations / Museology / Heritage / Cultural practices / Audiences
French grammar and stylistics / History of the French language / Discourse analysis / Lexicon, discourse and language modes / Digital humanities