Campus of Trades and Qualifications - Agrosciences, Agri-food and Food


The 3A Campus of Trades and Qualifications is a certified territorial ecosystem of excellence.

It brings together training establishments and centres, professional and inter-professional organisations, companies, competitiveness, innovation and research clusters and technology transfer centres to offer training courses in line with the needs of the job market and the economic development of the food sector.

The 3A Campus offers 3 innovations:

  • Functionality: The Campus establishes a permanent dialogue between the economic and professional sector and all the training players.
  • Strategy: Vocational training is thought out taking into account economic needs, the evolution of techniques, the challenges to be taken up and the prospective of professions.
  • Pedagogy: The skills, scientific and technological tools, and research data from the Campus are used to serve the learners.

To achieve the following objectives:

  • To propose an offer and a content of trainings by taking into account the economic demand of qualification.
  • To develop a culture of innovation at the heart of training.
  • To ensure that learners of all levels gain skills and qualifications.
  • To strengthen the readability and attractiveness of training courses and professions.
  • To inform and propose choices of orientation, training projects and professional career development to young people and adults.
  • To stimulate ambition and awaken talent.
  • 27 establishments and training centres
  • 150 training courses (from CAP to PhD) with orientation gateways
  • More than 5000 learners (pupils, students, apprentices)
  • A network of professionals at the service of training and qualification
The operational management of the Campus of Trades and Qualifications Agrosciences, Agri-food and Food is at your disposal for any information.
Tel. +33 (0)4 90 16 29 23
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Date of update June 17, 2021