Professional Licence in HRM - Engineering, Consulting and Training Management (ICAF)

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Professional Licence, mention: HRM professions
Type of course: Engineering, Consulting and Training Management (ICAF)


This degree aims to train people capable of designing and conducting training actions, mastering e-learning tools, advising and accompanying people seeking training, mastering the training environment and the associated quality approach.


The courses are taught by teachers from the University and professionals from the sector.


12 to 16 weeks of compulsory internship for students in continuing education.

For students on work-study programs, 30 weeks in a company.


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 2

Employee training

Employees and jobseekers can apply for training under the CPF Professional Transition Project and the professionalization period.

Alternate training (program where the time is shared between courses and professional experience)

The training is open to alternating work-study, apprenticeship contract or professionalization contract.



The HRM professional licence in Engineering, Consulting and Training Management is open to apprenticeship in partnership with the CFA Epure Méditerranée, the inter-university CFA of the PACA region. The CFA manages apprenticeship contracts and assists the course in the management of apprenticeship specifications: apprenticeship booklet, company visits, information for apprentices, advice for companies.

Admission conditions

To have a diploma of Bac+ 2 or equivalent

Possibility of VAPP, validation of professional and personal experience, for people who do not have the required level but have experience related to the training. File to be compiled before any application. For further information, please contact Mrs Creveuil:

Admission procedure:

Selection on file and interview if necessary


Electronic application. No paper application to send.



The training is built on the pedagogy of alternation. There is constant interaction between the professional contributions in the field and the teaching.
Throughout the year, the work on the tutored project allows the acquisition of transversal skills valued in the professional world: aptitude for group work, project management, design of actions, autonomy, communication...

Next session: From 06 September 2021 to 08 July 2022

The professional degree in HRM: training, skills and employment is registered with the RNCP.
Sheet n° 29805 Level 6 (Europe) or II (France) certification equivalent to Bac+3.
Eligible for CPF: code 284044

Mobilisation of your CPF "moncompteformation"


The training can be followed :
- In a work-study contract with a distribution of 19 weeks of teaching and 30 weeks in a company.
- In continuing education with an immersion in the company included.




Conditions of validation

Evaluation is based on continuous assessment for each teaching unit.
The degree is awarded to students who have obtained an overall average of at least 10 out of 20 for all the teaching units and an average of at least 10 out of 20 for the tutored project and the professional placement.

Targeted skill(s)

- Designing and implementing a training sequence
- Using digital learning tools
- Advising and support in training
- Knowledge of the quality approach in the training environment
- Analyzing the interactions in professional situations
- Mastering one's action within the training system
- Analyzing situations in order to set up appropriate remedies
- Managing a group of adults
- Communicating effectively
- Building and maintaining motivation
- Knowing how to work in a team

Career Opportunities

  • trainer in company or independent
  • educational engineering manager
  • in charge of pedagogical engineering in digital learning
  • in charge of pedagogical engineering in quality
  • training consultant


Teaching campuses
Hannah Arendt Campus

Geographic location
Chabran site

1, avenue de Saint Jean
84000 Avignon

Access map

Director of studies

Jean Pierre COSTA

Employee training contact details

Pedagogical secretariat:
Sonia Vernay

Opening hours for the public: 8:45-12:15 / 13:30-16:15
No reception on Friday afternoon.


Phone number
+33 (0)4 32 74 32 30

Phone number 2
+33 (0)4 32 74 32 20

Date of update June 24, 2021