Professional Licence in Electricity and Electronics - Technical Coordinator for Electrical Installations (COTIE)

Professional Licence, mention: Electricity and Electronics
Typical course: Technical Coordinator for Electrical Installations (COTIE)


Acquire the knowledge necessary to become a technical coordinator in electrical systems through apprenticeship.



Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 2

Required former training

Bac +2

Recommended training

BTS: Electrical Engineering, Electronic System, MI (Industrial Maintenance), ATI (Technical Engineering Assistance), CIRA (Industrial Control and Automatic Regulation). DEUG: Sciences and technologies. DUT: Physical Measures, GEII (Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing), GIM (Industrial Engineering and Maintenance), GTE (Thermal Engineering and Energy). Level III RNCP title.


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Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 3
Level of education obtained after completion
Niveau III

Targeted skill(s)

  • to organize and coordinate site work, installation and equipment in support of business, maintenance, technical or engineering managers,
  • to exercise expertise on electrical installations or systems,
  • to know and use the standards in force (installations and safety) in leading a team of technicians,
  • to coordinate and plan the teams working on projects,
  • to take into account economic constraints and customer requirements,
  • to communicate and discuss technical problems with the design office and the methods office by integrating the expectations of customers and any subcontractors,
  • to set up a proximity management in support of the business, technical, maintenance managers or an engineer,
  • to collaborate with the different departments of the company, studies and development, business, technical, building sites, maintenance...

Related skills:
  • understanding an estimate
  • comparing commercial proposals
  • following up on a commercial file
  • establishing and developing a commercial relationship

Career Opportunities

Business sector

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Functions and professions

Electrical project manager

They are responsible for carrying out all the services required for an order, in accordance with the customer's needs and in compliance with the deadlines and specifications. They manage the entire project from the technical, administrative, contractual, commercial and human aspects. The ability to manage a customer relationship, the attention paid to contractual commitments, technical knowledge and team management skills make the project manager an indispensable pivot for the satisfaction of the customer and the company...

Methods project coordinator in industry

They design, optimize and organize all technical solutions (feasibility, capacity, reliability, profitability) and production/manufacturing methods for goods or products, according to productivity and quality requirements. They may participate in the design of new products or their industrialisation and may manage a team or a department and its budget.

Supervisor in electrical equipment production

They organize the activity of one or more teams of operators and machine or production line drivers for electrical and electronic equipment. They monitor production according to safety rules and production requirements (quantity, deadlines, quality, cost, etc.). They supervise the operation of the equipment (adjustments, maintenance, etc.) and may organize and monitor the storage or shipment of products.

Industrial environment technician

They monitor and verifie the application of health, safety and environmental rules for teams and installations. They identify and implements risk prevention actions with the aim of protecting and reducing the impact and risks of industrial activity on people, property and the environment...

Project manager

They analyse the client's needs in terms of feasibility and profitability. They design and develop technical and financial solutions in a specification and negotiates the technical and financial solutions. They coordinate the execution of the project with the studies, production and logistics departments and determines the necessary adjustments...


Teaching campuses

Geographic location
Other locations


Director of studies

Gilles Micolau

Alain Caffard - CNAM

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Date of update June 22, 2021