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Licence in Physics - Physics & Physics - Chemistry

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac, Bac + 1, Bac + 2
Admission conditions
Length of studies
6 semesters
Campus Jean-Henri Fabre
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Cost and financial aid
Initial training  
Continuous training (employees, jobseekers, self-employed)

Licence in Sciences, Technologies, Health, with a major in Physics
Type of course: Physics & Physics - Chemistry


The Licence's degree in Physics (Physics) is designed to provide training in Physics to prepare for careers in engineering (after pursuing and specializing in a Master's degree or engineering school) in all areas of physics.
In addition to the Physics major, the other subjects necessary for the scientific culture or cross-disciplinary skills of future graduates (Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, English) are taught throughout the curriculum.

The Physics-Chemistry pathway, sharing UEs from the Physics and Chemistry licence's degrees, aims at a balanced training in both disciplines, either for careers in materials or process engineering, or for teaching careers.


Erasmus educational field

13.0 Natural sciences

ERASMUS field (if applicable)

Physique, Chimie


A compulsory internship is included in the L3S6 curriculum.
The aim of the internship is to discover the professional life envisaged by the student and it can take place in a company, a research laboratory or an educational establishment.
It should last 3 weeks and can be carried out in one block at the end of S6 or in several periods during the year of L3. A written production and/or an oral presentation will be made at the end of the internship.


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac, Bac + 1, Bac + 2

Required former training

Baccalauréat or equivalent for entry into L1, 60 ECTS validated for entry into L2, 120 ECTS validated for entry into L3

Scientific background recommended (Bac S, STL, STI2D, L1 scientific, etc...)

Public report of the Parcoursup Examination Commission available here in PDF format.


Admission conditions

In Licence 1, full access to students with a scientific baccalaureate.

In Licence 3, full access to students with 120 ECTS credits acquired at university and in a Physics or Physics/Chemistry licence

Access after advice of a pedagogical commission:

  • Students with a scientific DUT or BTS
  • CPGE students with a certificate of coursework in CPGE showing a proposal from the institution of 120 validated ECTS
  • all other students


At the University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse, the pre-registration and registration procedures are done online on the website, see the "Registration" section.
Please note: some courses are only accessible after one or more pre-selection and/or selection stages. Therefore, before registering, you must meet all the conditions for admission.

Teaching program of the Physics degree:


- MP portal

L1S1 MP portal

L1S2 MP portal


- PC portal

L1S1 PC portal

L1S2 PC portal



- Physics course

L2S3 Physics course

L2S4 Physics course


- Physics-Chemistry course

L2S3 Physics-Chemistry course

L2S4 Physics-Chemistry course



- Physics course

L3S5 Physics course

L3S6 Physics course


- Physics-Chemistry course

L3S5 Physics-Chemistry course

L3S6 Physics-Chemistry course

Conditions of validation

Each UE (Unité d'Enseignement) or UCE (Unité Constitutive d'Enseignement = sub-part of UE) is assessed:
- either in continuous assessment
- or by final examination
According to the terms of control of knowledge given at the beginning of the year.

These UE/UCE are compensable between them and can be capitalized.

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 3
Level of education obtained after completion
Niveau II

Career Opportunities

Business sector

<Unknown label>

  • Engineering professions
  • Research
  • Teaching

Further studies

  • Master in Physics
  • Engineering schools
  • Master in Teaching

Director of studies

Gilles MICOLAU: Head of the Physics degree and of the L3 year
Slimane ARHAB: in charge of the L1 year
Philippe BELTRAME: in charge of the L2 year

Registrar office contact details

Pedagogical Secretariat for the Physics degree
Nathalie POISOT
Tel: +33 (0)4 90 14 44 55

Date of update June 25, 2021